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Renting a car within the premises of the airport is pricier than from a rental outside the area. Ultimately, one has to decide between saving a great deal of convenience. The relative cost difference of renting a car at the airport and the external rental service could vary by approximately $80 to $100 for a single day. Our car services are located 1km from Aeropuerto International airport in San Jose and 4km east at Liberia.

Renting a car from an external service like Adobe Rent a Car in Costa Rica is a sure way of reducing costs. You can compensate on time lost by working with the car rental service provider to customize the entire process to your schedule. It is essential to understand the variables that could differentiate the waiting period.

Unpredictable factors like the weather will affect how fast you move between the checkout point at the airport and the selected pickup station. Our portal has an option for you to dictate when you would like to get the car. Realistically, you would have to make your arrangements slightly earlier to cut across the various negative influences.

What affects the duration between landing a pickup?

  • Delays of the flight arrival
  • Congestion in the local road traffic
  • High tourist season, which will have an influx of people trying to get the same car. Additionally, the airport will have more population.
  • Excessive baggage will determine how fast it takes to reach the carousel. You can otherwise walk past the claim area if you only have a carry one.
  • Traveling with children or a large group of adults may limit how fast you get to navigate the airport.

How to avoid long queues at Avanti Rent a Car

Avoid the cheap option

The lowest rental rate is convenient for one or two people who do not have a substantial amount of luggage. Unbeatable deals are difficult to resist. More people will automatically try their luck with the $20 daily rental fee. You may have to postpone your vacation trip to a further date until the car is available for you.

Avanti Rent a Car has irresistible offers that are not as congested as other cheaper offers. We have a mini-economic car at an attractive rate of $30 and SUVs below $80 a day.

Choose to meet the representative

Car rentals outside the airport facility are not always easy to find. The best option is to work with a rental firm such as Avanti Rent a Car or Adobe Rent a Car in Costa Rica. One of the staff will guide you on the entire procedure.

Send one person ahead

Traveling with a group will always have one person as the designated driver of the driver or the day. Corporate travelers may bring their driver. The driver can skip the airport’s baggage claim process and make it to the nearest pickup station to speed up the journey. Instead of waiting on every single person to check out of the airport, it will be quicker if they can pick the vehicle and drive it back.


Adobe Rent A Car Costa Rica
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