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When looking for a renta de vehiculo in Costa Rica, it is essential to understand the terms that rental companies use in their contracts. A car rental term that you should be aware of is a collision damage waiver.

What is collision damage waiver (CDW)?

CDW is an extra insurance cover that we offer to our clients at Avanti Rent-A-Car. This insurance coverage is optional. The cost of collision damage waiver is determined by many factors including the type of car you rent and where it is going to be driven. The primary function of CDW is to cover losses as a result of theft or damage to personal possessions or the car itself. In many cases, collision damage waiver does not cover bodily injuries caused by accident.


If you want collision waiver damage, you will have to pay an additional fee o top of the rental charges. CDW covers damage to the rental vehicle, repairs, and loss of use as a result of the damage.

When is CDW offered?

Car rental companies usually offer collision waiver damage on several occasions. Avanti Rent-A-Car gives renters the option of taking a CDW when reserving a car as well as when they come to pick up the vehicle. However, renters have the option to decline the cover.

Do credit card companies offer CDW?

Some credit card companies offer CDW to some of their clients. Credit card companies have different terms and conditions for CDW cover. However, many offer CDW as supplemental insurance cover. This means that only clients who have regular car insurance may be eligible for CDW cover by their credit card companies.


The requirements for CDW vary by state and country. Some car rental companies allow clients to decline CDW without asking them for proof of regular car insurance. However, many car rental companies require clients to purchase CDW cover if they cannot provide evidence of regular insurance coverage.

What does CDW cover?

It is important to understand that CDW covers only damage to the car. It does not cover damage to other vehicles or injuries caused by accidents. In addition, CDW will not cover any damages or injuries caused by risky behaviors such as driving while intoxicated, speeding, or driving off-road.

CDW will not cover loss or damage to the vehicle if you leave your car running outside your residence or hotel. In addition, some CDW policies do not cover damage to certain parts of the car such as the windshield, mirrors, or tires.

How can I get a good deal on a renta de vehiculo?

The cost of renting a car keeps going up each year due to inflation and rising gas prices. Some of the most costly car rental services are the ones in airports. You can save significant amounts of money by choosing a car rental company like Avanti Rent-A-Car that is not located at the airport.

Avanti Rent-A-Car provides safe, convenient and affordable car rental services in Costa Rica. Check out our catalog of cars available for rent.

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