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Pick-up and drop-off: 600 mts east of casino fiesta, state roa, san jose, cri



Unlimited mileage


Hours of operation

Pick-up: 2/9/2016: 6:00am - 11:00pm

Drop-off: 2/13/2016: 6:00am - 11:00pm


Other rate information

Extra hour rate $4.00 /hour
Extra day rate $12.00 /day


Personal accident insurance

Not offered at this time


When you arrive

Thank you for booking usave / avanti rent a car agent will be waiting for the client outside the main terminal. 1.866.267.1070


Age restrictions

Renters and additional drivers must be minimum 21yrs of age with valid drivers license and major credit card in own name. Drivers 21-24yrs -10.00usd/day underage fee



Credit card required.


Collision damage waiver

*if not purchased client will be responsible for the full value of the vehicle. All sedan vehicles - 14.99usd/day - responsible for 1000usd deductible 25.99usd/day - responsible for -0- deductible . All suv -van vehicles - 18.99usd/day - responsible for 1500usd deductible 29.99usd/day - responsible for -0- deductible .


Drop off charges

*after hours* pickups - available with credit card gte. On arrival call location and representative will meet you. . Drops - not available . *one way rental* 50.00usd drop fee for one way rental drops between liberia and san jose.


Associated car makes

Mcmr /suzuki/alto/4 4 ccmr /nissan/sentra/4 4 scmr /nissan/almera/4 4


Forms of payment

Credit cards acceptable for deposit ax ba ca dc ds jc mc vi credit cards acceptable for guarantee no credit cards for guarantee

Personal checks not accepted. Travellers checks are accepted for payment only on rental return. Debit cards are accepted for payment and deposit. Please be aware that the release of the deposit from the debit card may take several weeks depending on the issuing bank. Cash rental not accepted. Renter can cancel at any time prior to the pickup time in the reservation. On a no-show -3hrs after scheduled pickup time- the first day of rental will be charged.



Liability insurance is mandatory unless customer can provide evidence of costa rican liability coverage. The liability insurance limits the responsibility of the client over damages it may cause to 3rd parties or properties to 20pct. The insurance has coverage of up to 40 million colones per person and 100 million colones per accident. Cost of insurance for all sedan vehicles us19.99 cost of insurance for all suv and van vehicles us19.99.


Driver's license

Renters and additional drivers must be min 21yrs of age with valid drivers license and major credit card in own name. Drivers 21-24yrs -10.00usd/day underage fee all valid drivers licenses accepted provided that they do not expire during time of rental. Rental must finish before customer has been in costa rica for 3 months. Proof of entry is required at time of rental.



Standard rates thank you for booking usave auot rental san jose.upon arrival a usave representative will be waiting for you oustside the main termina. 1.866.267.1070a deposit on the credit card of between 750 and 1500 plus the estimated amount of rental will be required at time of rental. 750 for mcmr ccmr scmr and scar 1000 for efmr cfmr sfmr and sfar and 1500 for ffmr and ffar.


Advisory: charges associated with the base rate are those which are applicable at the time of booking and could be subject to change. Only those charges listed as mandatory are included in the total rate for the displayed rental.

*geographic restrictions* all vehicles are restricted for use within the boundaries of costa rica. *emergency contact info* emergency roadside assitance 1.99usd/day in all vehicle


State and local taxes

License plate fee - 1.95usd/day


Return refueling

All vehicles must be returned with the same amount of gas unless prepaid gas was bought at time of rental. A surcharge over gas station prices will be charged for missing fuel.




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The driver must present a valid driver's license and credit card in their name upon pick-up. The credit card is required as a deposit when renting any vehicle. The deposit amount is held by the car rental company. Please ensure sufficient funds are available on the card.


International rentals may have different driver license requirements. An international driving license is required if the drivers' license is non-roman alphabet.


Additional charges or restrictions may apply for drivers under 25 or over 65.


Charges for refueling, additional drivers, etc. are not included in the total price.


Special equipment, such as child seats and GPS, can be purchased upon pick-up (if available).

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