used muti-directional forklifts Los Angeles

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used muti-directional forklifts Los Angeles

As the name implies, 4-directional forklifts or multi-directional can travel in all four directions. They can move forward, reverse, left, or right, depending on your requirements. These versatile machines easily and efficiently move awkward and long loads. At World Equipment Services, we stock the best used multi-directional forklifts in Los Angeles to cater to your business needs.

Why 4-Directional Forklifts?

If you want a versatility forklift, a multi-directional forklift offers just that. Here are the advantages of 4 directional forklifts:

  • You can easily maneuver a 4-directional forklift. Whether your space is confined or you run a huge spacious warehouse, a multi-directional forklift allows you to navigate easily through small spaces because of its added lateral movement forward and rearward mobility. 
  • It’s able to transport longer loads. Due to the 4 directional design, they can comfortably carry longer loads than a reach forklift. Materials such as lumber, tubing, pipe, or steel are transported efficiently using this type of forklift. 
  • Less damage to products. If you want one of the best specialty forklifts, you should consider a multi-directional forklift. Thanks to its increased maneuverability and versatility, this forklift minimizes the risk of damage to your goods due to reduced product handling. 

Why Used Multi-Directional Forklifts

There are many business decisions that you’ll need to make, such as analyzing your budget requirements. Those decisions also include whether you’ll opt for pre-owned forklifts or purchase a new one. In addition, you may need to decide between multi-directional and articulated forklift rentals or buying one. There are benefits to choosing a used forklift.

  • A second-hand forklift, compared to a new one, is going to cost you less upfront. In fact, it's possible to get a used forklift in great condition for as much as half the price of a brand new machine.
  • If you decide to sell your used forklift, its price will still be competitive.
  • You can find an excellent used unit for a wide range of uses compared to a new one. The best part is, it will come at a lower cost than the newer model. 
  • If your forklift has low-usage, it will be cost-effective.
  • Well serviced and maintained. We offer some of the best, used forklifts in Los Angeles that have been perfectly reconditioned to operate smoothly. Condition is one of the primary factors when shopping for a used forklift. Our pre-owned forklifts come with a condition report that lists the hours worked and the general condition of the machine.
  • Used multi-directional forklifts are readily available. The lead time for acquiring a new machine could be lengthy, which might affect your day to day operations. A second-hand forklift is readily available whenever you decide to purchase one.

Amazing Deals for Used Multi-Directional Forklifts

Buying a forklift means tying up your capital. Investing in our used multi-directional forklifts in Los Angeles is an effective way of getting a unit that can deliver without compromising quality or using up so much of your budget. Contact World Equipment Services to inquire about our products or to receive a quote on 800.737.0209.

used muti-directional forklifts Los Angeles
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